The New York Fashion Tech Lab was co-founded by Springboard Enterprises and the Partnership Fund for New York City.

Producing Partner

Springboard Enterprises is a US-based 501(c)3 organization acting globally to accelerate women entrepreneurs' access to human and financial capital resources. Our signature programs - sector and geography-specific accelerators for market-ready companies – are powered by an active expert network of entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors. We place great emphasis on collaborating with business and entrepreneurial organizations, academic institutions, government offices and corporations to deliver measureable results.

Over 642 Springboard portfolio companies have raised $7.4 billion, created tens of thousands of new jobs, and generated billions of dollars in annual revenues. Over 84% of Springboard companies are growing as independent or merged entities, including 14 IPOs and many that are the technology engines of publicly traded companies.


Founded by Henry Kravis in 1996 and capitalized by New York’s leaders of business and finance, the Partnership Fund for NYC’s mission is to mobilize our investors’ resources — their money, time and influence — to create jobs, spur new business creation and to expand opportunities to participate in the economy to all of the city’s residents and neighborhoods. The Fund is an “evergreen” fund — realized gains are continuously reinvested in deserving projects. Since inception, the Partnership Fund has invested in excess of $135 million in over 150 exemplary projects. The Partnership Fund Board is led by Co-Chairmen, Charles R. Kaye and Tarek Sherif.